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Dragon Ball Super Episode 73

Gohan will take a break from his books and don his Great Saiyaman outfit with purpose. The beloved character will find himself working as a stunt double on a movie about the hero Saiyaman, but Gohan soon learns he is in for more than he bargained. When the actor playing Saiyaman refuses to film a dangerous action sequence with Mr. Satan, Gohan volunteers his services and fights with the powerful martial artist. An unexpected turn of events makes Gohan’s day! A movie is being made about the dream showdown, Great Saiyaman vs Mister Satan! An actor named Barry Kahn was supposed to play Great Saiyaman, but while filming a dangerous scene, Gohan offers himself as a potential substitute!! I’ll never abide evil!! It’s the champion of justice, Great Saiyaman!! Starring in a movie with Mister Satan?!



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