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Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Subbed Online

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Goku and No.17 have their first meeting! What will be the result of this scouting attempt?!

Goku visits No.17 in order to recruit him as a team member for the “Tournament of Power”! No.17’s been living as an animal reserve ranger, and his answer is…?!

Goku This Week: how will he face this android?! As Goku and No.17 talk about old times, they end up fighting a match together! How will Goku fight against the now more powerful No.17?!”

A second summary of the episode was also published, and it gives more insight on the android’s decision. After Goku approaches Android 17 at his work place, the former villain tells the Saiyan he is not interested in the offer. However, it seems there is a greater reason behind the rejection. The synopsis wonders what could be the reason behind Android 17 turning down Goku, and it may have to tie in with his previous life as a baddie.

If you are not familiar with Android 17, then you just need to look back over the Cell Saga from Dragon Ball Z. The character was introduced alongside his twin sister Android 18, and the artificial humans were made by Dr. Gero with nefarious purposes. The pair had plans to take over the Earth, but the siblings were soon overtaken when Cell made his appearance. The latter fighter needed to absorb his android predecessors to reach his ultimate form, and the Z-Fighters tentatively teamed up with the androids to bring the buggy alien down.

Android 17 has yet to appear in Dragon Ball Super, but his sister has popped in frequently since she is married to Krillin. After Android 17 was revived in Dragon Ball Z following a run-in with Cell, the fighter traded in his violent life for a simple one as a Park Ranger. Now married with kids, Android 17 will meet Goku in-person for the first time in Dragon Ball Super, and their first encounter will apparently end in a spar. So, all in all, it’s just the kind of meet-up Goku would approve of.

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  1. Am I to believe that 17 can stand up to God level Goku? HAHAH! I swear to christ the more episodes I watch the more unbelievable this entire series is getting. I was super excited for this tourny, especially when they went on about how strength doesn’t matter as much, but now this is a joke….

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