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Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Subbed Online

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 shows that In the coming weeks Dragon Ball Super will be putting a spotlight directly on one of Akira Toriyama’s most beloved characters. Episode 87 will finally reintroduce fans to Android 17, a former villain who turned over once Cell came onto the scene during Dragon Ball Z. The artificial human has been seldom seen since his revival after the Cell Saga, but Dragon Ball Super is about to change all of that. Android 17 will level with Goku about why he’s not that interested in joining the Tournament of Power. However, if the synopses for Dragon Ball Super say anything, it is that Goku can definitely change the other’s mind.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 is titled “Hunt The Poachers! Goku And 17 Unites!” you can read more about it below:

When Goku asks 17 to join the tournament, he turns his offer down. The two then sense something approaching and see a spaceship in the dark sky.

dragon ball super episode 87

A second summary of the episode has also been released to tide fans over. The new description says that Android 17 is pushing back against poachers to save animals. Goku pitches in to help the other to get rid of the invaders, and it pushes 17 to join the tournament.

Episodes 86 and 87 are bringing something to the plate which Dragon Ball fans have been wanting to see for some time. Though it may seem like it, Android 17 and Goku have not met in person before given their conflicting timelines. When the villain was introduced in Dragon Ball Z, Goku only had visions of the baddie while he was recovering from a lethal heart disease. However, by the time Goku was able to get back on the battlefield, Android 17 was out of the picture and then eventually absorbed by Cell. Android 17 did have a role in Dragon Ball GT, but Dragon Ball Super will mark the first canonical meeting of the two powerful fighters. And, naturally, fans are more than ready to see how the men will fare.

dragon ball super episode 87



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