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Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Subbed Online

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Subbed Online

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Summary: With less than 10 hours left before the Tournament of Power commences, Goku’s team of the strongest and bravest warriors from Universe 7 is almost complete. Can he finally perfect his roster in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Sub

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 shows the official trailer for the upcoming episode shows Goku paying the devoted martial artist Tien Shinhan a visit. It seems that Goku’s old friend and his best friend Chiaotzu have been doing well as they are now managing an impressive dojo. However, like with all the other members of the team, the recruitment will not go smoothly. An incident at the dojo turns Master Roshi, yet another fighter that Goku has set his eyes on, into a villainous adversary.

Titled “A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The Tenshin-Style Dojo’s Mystery?!” the episode will find Goku in a pinch when his old mentor goes berserk and begins chasing him with wild and undoubtedly deadly punches. Who is responsible for what seems to be a mind-controlled change in Master Roshi? Will Goku finally uncover the mystery behind these strange incidents at Tien’s dojo, and will this, in turn, help convince both Tien and Master Roshi to complete his team of ten?

It seems that they will, as previewed by a promotional video for the Universe Survival arc’s official opening theme. The said video shows updated visuals featuring Universe 7’s 10 strongest warriors. The new opening visuals will officially be released on Tuesday, May 9, which has been designated as Goku Day since 2015.

dragon ball super episode 89

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 the reunion of Goku and Tien

With the stakes named and the Tournament of Power set, all that is left is for Goku to assemble his team. The recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super show Goku’s attempts to recruit Vegeta, Krillin, No.18, and No.17.

It appears that now Goku will turn his attention to Tien Shinhan and Master Roshi. The episode 89 synopsis describes the reunion of Goku with his mentor Master Roshi and longtime ally Tien Shinhan.

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