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Can Vegeta Become a Super Saiyan Rose?


Can VEGETA become a Super Saiyan Rose as an alternative to the Kaioken? In this Dragon Ball Super video I discuss what a Super Saiyan Rose is, whether or not it’s possible for Vegeta to become one, what the difference is between Super Saiyan Rose and Super Saiyan Blue. I also discuss my opinion on whether or not Vegeta will …

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Top 5 Worst Things Goku has Ever Done!

top 5 worst things goku has ever done

In this video I explain the top 5 worst things that Goku has ever done in Dragon Ball Z. These are not things that make him Evil, but moreso careless acts that put himself and others in his immediate circle in Danger. Goku is and will always be the hero of Dragon Ball Z but he can really be stupid …

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Everything We Know About Jiren The Gray

Jiren the Gray

Everything We Know About JIREN THE GRAY – Dragon Ball Super: Welcome back to another episode of Dragon Ball Z Theory Today I’m analyzing everything we know about Jiren and what makes his character unique, how strong he potentially is, a bit about the universe 11 pride troopers and some general theories I have that could present a background for …

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goku vs zamasu

ZAMASU DEFEATED BY THE EVIL CONTAINMENT WAVE?? Hey everyone, after some research on popular Dragon Ball Super Theory; Could Zamasu have been Defeated by the Evil Containment Wave (Mafuba). Thanks for watching Dragon Ball Z Theory! Hey guys. I’m back and I’m going to be uploading frequent Dragon Ball Z theory videos. Twitter: Dragon Ball Super Episodes: Feel …

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Dragon Ball Z Kai Meme

dbz kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai is not everyone’s favorite series in the Dragon Ball franchise. Most people who watched Dragon Ball Z as a child or even an adult really enjoy the voices, music, and artwork. Most people who watch Dragon Ball Kai are seen as untrue DBZ fans!

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Dragon Ball Super Villains

Dragon Ball Super Villains

Here’s a funny image we found that compares some of the current and also the future ‘villains’ of Dragon Ball Super with the cartoon serious ‘The Backyardigans’. As you can see, down to tiny minor details even the horns, colors, placement of selected clothing has all come down to make it look like it was copied. It is unknown as …

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Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Shirt

vegeta t-shirt

A fan created this amazing Vegeta inspired T-Shirt, it’s unknown who was the maker of this, but you can find similar posts on our Official Twitter page where we’ve displayed similar posts to this magnificent Vegeta display.

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Dragon Ball Super – Yamcha Foreshadowing

dragon ball super yamcha funny

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 we’re shown once again a mimic of one of the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z. During one of the fight’s in the Saiyan Saga where Vegeta and Nappa faced off against the Z-Fighters, Yamcha battled a Saibaman and was killed during it’s self-destruction. However, he was brought back to life with the dragon …

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